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Client Testimonials

Janet is reliable, easy to talk to, and makes you feel at ease. She is very good at understanding problems (both evident and underlying) and finding methods to reduce them. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone that needs help.

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Miss M

Before I saw Janet I was suffering with anxiety and struggling to cope. I couldn't stop focusing on the negatives that were dragging up feelings of anxiety, and it was taking over my everyday life. After the first session with Janet I felt lifted and energised, I began(...)

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Mrs H
Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

Plucking up the courage to make the initial call was difficult, but I'm very glad I did. A friend had recommended Janet and I was feeling completely overwhelmed by everything at that time.
Now that I am feeling so much better and back to my usual self, it makes me(...)

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Losing Mum

I lost my mum when I was five months pregnant and I was left with what ifs, guilt and anger. Janet was an excellent mentor and coach, helping me to navigate my way through my emotions, identify what was holding me back from fulfilling my potential and find a successful(...)

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"Janet is dedicated, conscientious, ethical and I am particularly impressed with Janet's ability to maintain professional relationships with her clients.....Empathic, genuine, caring and offers unconditional positive regard, empowering clients to reach their full(...)

Just wanted to say thank you Janet as you gave me the courage and encouragement to move on in life and put my issues to rest so I could do that. I'm so pleased I did because my little world is filled with the most wonderful things because I have allowed them to come in.

Hypnotherapy - Pregnancy

I contacted Janet to work on the emotional challenges of a high stress and turbulent pregnancy. The sessions were kind, sensitive and enlightening which I believe is the perfect environment for mother and baby. This allowed me to settle and accept that there is no(...)

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I had contacted Janet in order for me to prepare mentally for running the London Marathon in April. I had 2 sessions of hypnotherapy. The first very much highlighted my need for enjoyment when running and also why I need to run. I visually saw the colour yellow and it(...)

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Edward – Actor
NLP Therapy

Having never had any form of therapy before, I found the sessions I had incredibly enlightening and beneficial. As an actor I wish I'd had NLP therapy before as I was able to experience results immediately, in turn facilitating improved performance in a profession(...)

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I was going through some changes in my personal life and through my sessions with Janet, and with with her encouragement and gentle approach I feel I can move forward with confidence.
Thank you so much!

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Emotional Coaching

Janet works in a caring and professional manor. The techniques used are well practiced and their implementation into her therapy well balanced.

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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

My stop smoking session with Janet was amazing. After one session I felt extremely calm and relaxed and since that day haven't touched a cigarette since. Janet's approach was very professional and thorough. I would recommend Janet's work to anyone who wants to give up(...)

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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Thank you so much for helping me to stop smoking, over the past 20yrs i've tried every stop smoking aid as its become available to no avail.
After one session with you i not only stopped smoking i realised i had all i needed to do it, you awakened my willpower. With(...)

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When I first met Janet for my work/life anxiety issues, I immediately felt at ease because of her caring and warm nature. She has an almost instant ability to see/know where to deal/resolve any issues. On the very first session I was amazed to learn new things about(...)

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Martin Webster
Trainer NLP & Spectrum Therapy

In my opinion Janet Smith is One of best Therapists and Life coaches using Spectrum Therapy in the UK at the moment.

Trained By Mick Stott she is at the forefront of taking Spectrum Therapy into the NHS.

Janet has worked with Ex Service Men & Women suffering(...)

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Mrs P

I would like to say a very big "Thank You" for all the work you did with me. I did not realise that I was in such a "Dark Place" until we started The Programme.
I am feeling so much better now and I am looking forward to a brighter future Thanks to you.

I am so(...)

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Stress, Anxiety & Depression

After 4 years of being strong for close family members I buckled. I was introduced to Janet. I found her to be very easy to talk to, very understanding and very caring. She helped me a great deal. I would recommend her.

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I recently did a half day change programme with Janet following a bereavement. Her therapy techiniques are very gentle and non-intrusive, the wonderful thing about the way Janet works is you don't need to go into context if you don't want to. Spending even just half a(...)

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Rhian E Stewart
Acute Anxiety & Depression

Having suffered for 7 months with acute anxiety & depression following trauma and having tried everything to get better from the traditional highly medicated route to anything snd everything alternative I stumbled on Spectrum. That first 4hours journey took a huge,(...)

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I had been suffering with depression following the sudden losses of my Sister and Father, within two years of each other. I was taking antidepressants to ease my sadness which helped numb my feelings but did not actually treat the true cause of the depression. Everyday(...)

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Since my father's death from cancer eight years ago and then my oldest daughter's psychotic depression a year later I found myself battling depression and anxiety. Things would settle for a while and then I would hit the bottom again. Medication was helping a bit but(...)

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Mrs N
Anxiety/Panic Attacks

I have suffered from bad panic attacks for nearly 14 yrs and hearing and seeing the success Janet has made to people's lives thought I needed to give it a go as no other treatment I have tried has worked. I attended several sessions and resolved a lot of issues I have(...)

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Weight Loss

Janet has helped me "get back on track" with weight loss. Having sessions with Janet I have been able to change and improve my approach to foods and my whole well being. Janet is a very friendly, caring and understanding person and I thank her for her help over the(...)

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Sue Creed

After spending a day with me using Spectrum Therapy I feel as if a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I feel calmer and more able to cope with my present situation. The whole atmosphere at home is more relaxed, she also spent time talking to my husband.(...)

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Anxiety & Relationship

Working with Janet has helped me view my life from an unbiased grounding. Both helping me accept myself and develop without the frustration I held before.

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From the moment I contacted Janet to discuss my needs she began to guide me through the process with utter clarity; what to expect, what she expected from me and most importantly the message that this was a process that we would do very much together. This approach(...)