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12th Apr


A year for living fearlessly

This is my first official blog post in what’s fast becoming a year of firsts. Fearless me, who at the grand old age of 42 left Blighty for New York with my husband, Edward and our two kids, Miles ,then 6 and Iris, then 4, for a family lifetime adventure! Or a family midlife crisis? TBD

Since my arrival on the East Coast I have:-
• Acted the lead role in a few short films.
• Signed with CESD talent agency, joined Actor’s Equity and became a member of the Screen Actors Guild or SAG for short.
• Became attuned to Reiki (Usui lineage) at Master level, by Brett Bevell , from Omega Institute of Holistic Studies.
• Ran in my first official half marathon through Central Park, with Edward.
• Collaborated with my new friend, Mary, in a new business venture called “Re-Energize You”, which is a wellness event for women.
• Given astrological readings for a party of 15 women.
• Rediscovered a love of painting
• And lastly, most excitingly, self-published my first ever children’s picture book, “I am Me…You, Us and We” which is illustrated by my lovely friend, Lehla Eldridge.
If I told you that most of this happened as a result of being crippled by fear you’d probably disregard it as poppycock! But, it’s true.
Starting the “adventure “can be such a steep learning curve that one can fail to see the joy in living presently anymore, as one’s present can be so scarily unnerving. I was so overwhelmed that within 3 weeks I got ‘vertigo brought on by stress’, ending up in hospital.
In Louise Hay’s bestselling book ‘Heal you Body- The mental causes for physical illness and the metaphysical way to overcome them’ it states that vertigo’s probable cause is due to; flighty, scattered thinking: a refusal to look. Like a scared child I was living in fear; covering my eyes and literally shutting the front door meant I didn’t have to deal with the reality of my brash, relentless environment. I was dizzy and disorientated by New York’s horn honking “I’m walking here!” mentality.
I pined for pipe and slippers, England, where I’d left my support network of incredible women whom I could pop in and see for belly laughs and positive chats over a cuppa, brewed in a teapot, whilst the kids played freely in a lush green garden; or go visit my sisters who would look out for me and give me amazing advice about motherhood and spirituality whilst feeding up my kiddiewinks and me; or hug my wonderful mum- who incredibly never said “don’t go” when we took her youngest grandchildren across the Atlantic in search of a better life like millions of immigrants had done before us.
Fearful and anxious I didn’t recognize the person I had become. I had to change, as my circumstances were unlikely to change. After consulting with Janet in an emotional wellness session, I knew I needed to redefine who I was. I had worked successfully as an actress on stage and screen, around the U.K and Europe but I had lost the confidence to hustle and play the game to win. I had wanted to be at home for the kids too, as I felt guilty in having taken them away from their extended family and didn’t want them to feel abandoned- my words not theirs!
I so longed for the fearless creative Caroline who can do anything she puts her mind to, as Socrates said “The Life which is unexamined is not worth living”.
I drew up a list of the following:
• What I was grateful for in my life.
• The things in my life I wanted to keep
• The things in my life I wanted to let go of.
It was a fascinating revealing exercise. For me the power of saying yes became an obsession. The awareness of speaking your intention aloud so you get used to hearing yourself manifest what you truly want, is something you soon see the benefits of. The energy shifted and a path cleared towards my core purpose. As the saying goes, “You can’t always get what you want, but you will get what you need.” I stayed calm at diversions and trusted what was unfolding.
For me, the words on the page that popped out were “Who am I?”
I was to step out of my wilderness years into quite possibly the most fearless year of my life so far. I wrote this poem:
I am Me.
As You can see
Some seem similar,
Some seem different,
(Though not Me!)
You may try,
But you can never be

I look a lot like them.
They look a lot like Me.
In this family,
All that I will ever be is

Can You be Me?
Can I be You?
It’s fun to try,
But ask Me why
Should I be the same as

You are great!
As I am too.
It’s so much fun to be with You!
“Shall we be a team of two, just

Us can be a family
With others who are like Us too.
Some seem similar,
Some seem different, true!
All of Us as

We are great!
Oh yes We are!
Just look at all We’ve done so far!
I am Me, You Us and We.

I will remember to always be,
Kind to Us and respectful of We
And treat Me as I would You,
As all We need ever do is

Oh! I forgot to introduce myself: Hello! I am Caroline, an actress, children’s author, reiki master, astrologer, mumpreneur, painter, runner, yogi, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and finally … a blogger!

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