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Freedom2 Change Day

  • When was the last time you took a day for you?
  • Do you spend time, money and effort looking after all those around you, but somehow you seem to be last on the list?

If this is you, let me tell you about my Freedom2 Change Day.

It’s a Spa day for your Soul.

Take one day and kick start your dreams, aspirations and desires or really focus and tackle the emotional issues that are causing you distress right now.

This day is all about you and I will be guided by your reason and motivation to change. After just one day you will experience feeling lighter, calmer and more positive. This day can be part of an ongoing treatment plan or a day that you take every few months to “check in” on yourself, giving you greater emotional wellbeing.

Whatever your reason, a Freedom2 Change Day is your personal journey and we will work creatively using a combination of therapies to work at the root cause of the issues that have been holding you back.

A typical day will include:

  • What’s going on right now?
  • Telling your emotional story
  • Spectrum Therapy & Spectrum Emotional Coaching
  • Visualisation & Hypnotherapy
  • Next steps – Introduction to Wellness

A healthy lunch and refreshments are provided throughout the day. The day typically lasts 6 hours.

I also offer weekend Freedom2 Change Days to suit those who struggle to meet weekly sessions due to their childcare or work commitments or for those of you who are out of my immediate area.

You may also choose to use the Freedom2 Change Day as part of any other Freedom2 program.

Contact me today for a free 30 minute consultation to see how my Freedom2 Change Day can help you create the life that you want.

So, if you know that it’s time to make a change in your life (for less than the cost of a weekend away) invest in your greatest relationship - the one with yourself !

Book now and experience transformational change; helping you build your brighter future.

Click here to read Case study Mr H

Having never had any form of therapy before, I found the sessions I had incredibly enlightening and beneficial. As an actor I wish I'd had NLP therapy before as I was able to experience results immediately, in turn facilitating improved performance in a profession which demands an extreme positive core belief.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice Message
I would like to inform you that all sessions are now taking place online due to the impact of Covid-19. I can assure you that I have worked online for many years and have a lot of experience working this way. Whatever you are dealing with right now, I will be flexible and adaptable using a variety of methods to help you as we travel through this pandemic and beyond; building a brighter future. Your self care is more essential than ever right now and in these difficult times it is important to pay attention to your emotional wellbeing and mental health. If you would like to know more about working with me, I do offer a free 30 minute initial consultation and this will now take place through video conferencing such as Face Time, Skype, Whats app or Zoom. To find out more, send me a message and I look forward to chatting to you.