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Freedom2 Weight Loss


Does this sound like you or someone you know?

  • I have lost weight in the past, I know what to do but I just can’t get started.
  • I hate my body, it depresses me to think how I have become.
  • Exercising is a chore; I am too unfit to start.
  • I eat when I am  bored, stressed, sad, anxious, lonely….
  • I have tried every diet out there.- diets don’t work for me, I can’t be bothered to try again.
  • It’s my bones, my thyroid, my body shape, my metabolic rate, my age……(IT’S NOT MY FAULT!)

Everyone knows that to lose weight and get fit you need to be in the right frame of mind,  So what stops you?

We procrastinate, find excuses, limit ourselves and fall into a trap of negative thinking that keeps us where we are.  

Are you at risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or stroke or do you just want to feel great again at a healthy weight for you?  Weight loss is not just about what the scales are saying or fitting into a size 12; what about your body, if it could talk to you right now what would it be saying?  

I developed my Freedom2 Weight Loss program to help people like you, who know exactly what they should be doing, but still are unable to make those changes that will improve their health.  I was fascinated that my clients were experts in calories, nutrition, exercise, in fact they had so much knowledge on what they should be doing but had lost belief in themselves and motivation to change. They often knew the root cause to their weight gain and what triggers their overeating and sabotages their diets.

As an Emotional Wellness Coach I work at a deeper level offering a kick start to your motivation and weight loss program by embedding the changes you want to make through hypnosis and visualisation. Using Spectrum Emotional Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques I help you to let go of negative emotions such as Anger, Fear, Sadness, Guilt, Hurt, Anxiety  from your past, which can create a destructive cycle of emotional eating,  

Listening to my clients, I draw on their success and strengths and offer emotional support through this period of change.  I want you to embrace the new you,  inside as well as outwardly,  as the weight steadily drops off!

Each client is unique and after a free 30 minute consultation, I will offer a treatment plan that is dedicated to you and your needs.This might be a half day kick start session a Freedom2 Change Day or weekly sessions.  I work alongside you to get you where you need to be and offer ongoing support through my Freedom2 Wellness package.

So if you find yourself looking for a different approach to weight loss, then contact me today to see how Emotional Coaching really can make that difference.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice Message
I would like to inform you that all sessions are now taking place online due to the impact of Covid-19. I can assure you that I have worked online for many years and have a lot of experience working this way. Whatever you are dealing with right now, I will be flexible and adaptable using a variety of methods to help you as we travel through this pandemic and beyond; building a brighter future. Your self care is more essential than ever right now and in these difficult times it is important to pay attention to your emotional wellbeing and mental health. If you would like to know more about working with me, I do offer a free 30 minute initial consultation and this will now take place through video conferencing such as Face Time, Skype, Whats app or Zoom. To find out more, send me a message and I look forward to chatting to you.