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Spectrum Emotional Coaching

coaching01I will work with you to increase your motivation, helping you to recognise your strengths and the values that underpin your life.

Whether you are wishing to focus on your Career, Business, or Work/Life Balance, coaching is a valuable tool to help you realise your dreams.

I have worked with many clients, coaching in the areas of Sport, Business, Career, and Personal Life. The results gained from working with a coach can be dramatic and significant.
Finding out what is important to you is the first step on a voyage of discovery.

During our coaching sessions I will positively challenge you, setting tasks that will sharpen your focus on creating your desired future. I will help you break down the barriers to your success and look objectively at the challenges you face. Using Goal Setting Techniques, Self Motivational Skills, and with my ongoing support and encouragement, you will facilitate changes in all areas of your life, or fine tune a particular area or objective.

Coaching sessions can be offered separately for those clients who prefer, and are available via Skype, telephone or face to face. Within the Emotional Wellness Sessions, I incorporate coaching as part of my “tool box” working with clients using Hypnosis, Spectrum Therapy (TM), Relaxation and Counselling Methods.

Living a more balanced, meaningful life brings many benefits to our health, wellbeing, and spiritual development – contact me today to start your journey!

“There’s a place deep within us that wants to know that our life has made a difference.”
– Dr. Wayne Dyer