Senior Executive Coach & Mentor

I am often asked, ‘do people really change?’
My answer is yes. I see it every day.

When working with my clients, I incorporate coaching and mentoring practices to empower them to have more agency over their lives.  Whatever you want to achieve in a personal or professional capacity, I can be with you every step of the way providing accountability, helping you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and remain focused on your future.  Coaching will give you the space in your busy life for inspiration and limitless thinking.

From therapy to coaching

People come to work with me often due to unresolved emotional pain and limitations to their potential.  What we call “interference” from the past or present situation. This will be the focus of our early sessions, working with you therapeutically using counselling, hypnosis and NLP to help you to emotionally heal and build greater resilience.  Then the magic begins to happen, clients find or rediscover their “resources” within and as they heal, they want more.  This might be to develop greater relationships, go for that new job, start a business, improve their work/life balance and have the confidence to change.  Whatever it is, the approach I use at Janet Smith Emotional Wellness Coaching can adapt to your needs, your focus and your solutions.  You are 100% resourceful – I am inspired by your transformation. 

Coaching and mentorship can help you reset or reach your potential, setting goals and making personal changes to get the results you want. Maybe you are fed up with disordered eating, want to lose weight, get fit, want to improve your performance in sport or embark on a new life path; I can help you focus in on your needs, by using a variety of coaching models that put you in charge of your life through skilful questioning, exploring your values and understanding your communication and motivation style. 

Coaching & Mentoring in business

You may already be self-aware, resourceful and motivated to change and are looking to develop further in your profession. Perhaps you are struggling with performance at work, conflict with colleagues, developing your talents, or work/life balance; I will help you to refocus and achieve your goals.

The benefits of coaching to business and organisations are well documented. Coaching is an essential factor in leadership, customer satisfaction, staff retention, increasing performance and productivity and initiating change. If you are looking to an alternative to “in house” coaching or mentorship or can source your own Coach, I can work with your stakeholders to help you meet your objectives.

If you wish to implement coaching into your own business, I can work 1-1 or with a highly motivated and successful team of performance coaches to create a bespoke package for you.

Some of the areas in which I work as a Coach & Mentor are:

  • Setting and achieving your goals
  • Personal growth
  • Leadership development
  • Work/Life balance
  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Creating greater Impact
  • Self-regulation
  • Confidence
  • Performance in sport
  • Well-being goals (weight, fitness, sleep)
  • Relationship coaching
  • Life coaching

Mentoring looks at the future and at potential; coaching looks at the present and how to improve to a future state and is more skill focused; and counselling looks at the past and how to improve for the future.

Janet Smith Emotional Wellness Coaching

Tel: 07966 552439

Practicing face 2 face at my garden office in Waterlooville and virtual appointments available throughout the UK and internationally via Skype, Face Time, What’s app or telephone call.

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