Wellbeing Program

The wellbeing program continues your journey from healing toward empowerment.
In sessions, I will help you gain momentum as you focus on your dreams and aspirations.

The wellbeing program kicks in when our initial work has finished and is an important next step for those who might wish to dive deeper into their personal development, or want a “hand to hold” as they go about the next phase of their journey.  This is where the monthly or bi-monthly sessions can really help.

Designed for those who have experienced loss or a breakdown in a relationship and want support throughout that first year. Or perhaps someone with a highly stressful life that never takes time for themselves. Maybe you’d like to keep up the momentum of your change in your career or business. I can provide support and accountability and help you to stay solution focused, working towards your goals. A coach in your corner to keep you on track, as you build toward that brighter future.

Make it happen

You have the resources within you and our sessions will be energising, impactful and incorporate coaching tools and modern psychological methods such as meditation, gratitude, visualisation, spiritual empowerment and positive self-regard.  This is a place for you to prioritise your mental health and wellbeing and to focus on the relationships that mean the most, including, crucially, the one with yourself.

Wellness Coaching sessions can take place online or in my garden office in Waterlooville.  Some of the areas in which regular Wellness Coaching sessions can be highly beneficial are:

Moving on from break-up/divorce
Finding love after a narcissistic relationship
Building a new life following bereavement/loss
Business coaching from start up to CEO
Managing work/life balance
Blended families
Mental health support

When you put your mental health and emotional wellbeing in the middle of your life, what needs to change?

Janet Smith Emotional Wellness Coaching

Tel: 07966 552439

Practicing face 2 face at my garden office in Waterlooville and virtual appointments available throughout the UK and internationally via Skype, Face Time, What’s app or telephone call.

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