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Customer Testimonials
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Mrs P

I would like to say a very big "Thank You" for all the work you did with me. I did not realise that I was in such a "Dark Place" until we started The Programme.
I am feeling so much better now and I am looking forward to a brighter future Thanks to you.

I am so grateful that I took that "First Step" and made that appointment. You are such an amazing person and I would gladly recommend you to anyone in the future that may need your help.

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When I first met Janet for my work/life anxiety issues, I immediately felt at ease because of her caring and warm nature. She has an almost instant ability to see/know where to deal/resolve any issues. On the very first session I was amazed to learn new things about myself (that have always been there, but not visible to me - on my blind side!).

With each visit came new learnings and light bulb moments. The gentle and compassionate approach, with her spectrum colour techniques take you back on your own life's journey to resolve/heal past memories or inner negative beliefs.

I can't recommend enough if you have anxiety issues to see Janet. It was the most incredible journey (and my very own). She will make you see life through a new vision and make you feel complete again.

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Bereavement testimonial
a grieving daughter

Janet was very kind, a great listener, gave me support and techniques in order to cope with my emotions and talk about my life in the wider picture. It certainly helped my grieving process.

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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Thank you so much for helping me to stop smoking, over the past 20yrs i've tried every stop smoking aid as its become available to no avail.
After one session with you i not only stopped smoking i realised i had all i needed to do it, you awakened my willpower. With this i feel i have control of myself , l'm more confident in my ability to stay stopped,
To anyone that is thinking of using you for hypnosis i would say firstly "do it!", have an open mind because the sessions probably wont be what you expect, you'll be met with a very warm and relaxed welcome and any anxieties you may have about stopping smoking will soon quashed.
Thank you again janet you've made a huge difference

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Coping with Anxiety Miss A (24)

"Working with Janet has (and continues to be) a breath of fresh air and I cannot express how grateful I am to her. Having come through a period of difficulty (both low mood and anxiety) at university and feeling as though I had a lot on my mind now being in full time work, her support and kind words helped me hugely. I wasn't sure what to expect at first having been to a few counsellors previously - but Janet put my mind at ease instantly. She has a way of understanding my thoughts and anxieties like no-one else I have spoken to - I don't know how she does it! Sessions were always personalised to what would benefit me most - and Janet always asked how I felt things were going. Sessions were a "safe space" where I did not feel judged or criticised for my feelings or how I dealt with situations in my past. Janet helped me to identify what I was already doing to help myself and developed these self-care ideas with me so that I had a little mental tool-kit to take away with me for my daily life. Additionally, the "open door" policy to be able to ask for future sessions as and when needed is much appreciated. I anticipate that Janet will remain in my contacts for a while longer, as I hope to make a few changes over the next year - move job and maybe even move country - and knowing that she is at the end of the phone is very reassuring. Thank you so much Janet for your help - if you're not sure if you could benefit from some sessions, I would really recommend giving her a call!" - Alice J, 24

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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

My stop smoking session with Janet was amazing. After one session I felt extremely calm and relaxed and since that day haven't touched a cigarette since. Janet's approach was very professional and thorough. I would recommend Janet's work to anyone who wants to give up smoking or would like any help in any other areas of their lives. she is a genuine practitioner with a unique skill set. Thank's again Janet.


Before seeing Janet i had been suffering with a host of difficulties that had been manifesting themselves for many years. Janet is hugely positive and encouraging, i was really impressed with how she responded if you wanted to focus on something different or explore something else that you are struggling with. Janet is very perceptive and in tune emotionally, when understanding clients and gets the best out of you. For anyone struggling with anxiety, depression etc. I would wholeheartedly recommend her.

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I was going through some changes in my personal life and through my sessions with Janet, and with with her encouragement and gentle approach I feel I can move forward with confidence.
Thank you so much!

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Edward – Actor
NLP Therapy

Having never had any form of therapy before, I found the sessions I had incredibly enlightening and beneficial. As an actor I wish I'd had NLP therapy before as I was able to experience results immediately, in turn facilitating improved performance in a profession which demands an extreme positive core belief.

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I had contacted Janet in order for me to prepare mentally for running the London Marathon in April. I had 2 sessions of hypnotherapy. The first very much highlighted my need for enjoyment when running and also why I need to run. I visually saw the colour yellow and it was suggested that I should run in this colour and concentrate on “Optimum Health”. I found this immensely beneficial and instantly noticed a more positive attitude in my training runs.

The second session concentrated on Spectrum Therapy. I found this very intense and felt an initial resistance to it as I was worried what the effect would be having this kind of session a week prior to the race. However, I was quickly reassured that it would be beneficial as I was still confused as to why I was running. Indeed it did have a positive impact as it enabled me to connect to this question in a very profound way and in a way I had not anticipated.

When running the marathon I wore yellow and I felt incredibly light throughout the run. I very much noticed the crowds, enjoyed every moment and connected with my purpose for running which ultimately made it a truly memorable experience. I mentally, physically and spiritually felt strong and I feel that this is as a direct response to the work I did with Janet. Moreover I have felt pretty positive post marathon despite having sustained a foot injury.

Hypnotherapy - Pregnancy

I contacted Janet to work on the emotional challenges of a high stress and turbulent pregnancy. The sessions were kind, sensitive and enlightening which I believe is the perfect environment for mother and baby. This allowed me to settle and accept that there is no such thing as "normal" and the answers for my well being lie within me.

Just wanted to say thank you Janet as you gave me the courage and encouragement to move on in life and put my issues to rest so I could do that. I'm so pleased I did because my little world is filled with the most wonderful things because I have allowed them to come in.

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"Janet is dedicated, conscientious, ethical and I am particularly impressed with Janet's ability to maintain professional relationships with her clients.....Empathic, genuine, caring and offers unconditional positive regard, empowering clients to reach their full potential...she is able to offer several different therapies, enabling clients to have a "holistic" experience. I very much look forward to working with Janet in the future and being alongside her as she and her business continues to thrive and grow!"

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Losing Mum

I lost my mum when I was five months pregnant and I was left with what ifs, guilt and anger. Janet was an excellent mentor and coach, helping me to navigate my way through my emotions, identify what was holding me back from fulfilling my potential and find a successful future for my family and myself.
D Nelson

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Mrs H
Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

Plucking up the courage to make the initial call was difficult, but I'm very glad I did. A friend had recommended Janet and I was feeling completely overwhelmed by everything at that time.
Now that I am feeling so much better and back to my usual self, it makes me aware of how bad everything was - I found it so hard to talk to people and felt embarrassed that I was feeling so anxious when I had everything going for me. I couldn't understand why I felt the way I did - no horrific events in my past, a loving upbringing, a close family and good friends - but I was so unhappy.

I found Janet so easy to talk to, a very good listener and realised that you don't have to have had a catastrophic event in your past to feel anxious and down. It made me realise there is nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about being depressed and that people are very understanding when you talk to them about it.

I'm now in a good place, enthusiastic, confident, organised again and looking forward to seeing family and friends and doing all the fun things I did in the past.

Alistair Grant

Janet is a consummate professional who very quickly put me at ease when we first met. Trust and the ability to relate with your counsellor is key if the process is going to work and I immediately hit it off with Janet which made it easier to open up about the issues I needed to deal with.

In almost one year of weekly and bi-weekly sessions we met face-to-face and via Skype and Janet adjusted her methods accordingly. I spent several weeks in the USA during this period and Janet was very flexible in accommodating the time zone differences and ensuring our sessions continued…even in the middle of the Texas wilderness!

Janet helped me successfully work through a number of long standing and deep rooted issues which previous counsellors and NHS psychiatric professionals had only touched the surface of and I have no hesitation in recommending her.


Janet is reliable, easy to talk to, and makes you feel at ease. She is very good at understanding problems (both evident and underlying) and finding methods to reduce them. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone that needs help.

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Facing Retirement
Dealing with the emotions connected to transition

In September 2019 I was wrestling with whether to retire or not. I had heard stories of people retiring happily, but also some who were miserable in retirement. I found Janet Smith via the Internet. Janet is easy to talk to, and has a professional approach. Within a couple of sessions she showed me that I was well positioned for retirement. Janet found this by examining all aspects of my life. I was pleasantly surprised to find the reality of my position. [I guess this is something good counsellors can do - make you see your situation in perspective.] I then took retirement. Janet helped me find objectives and useful things to do in my new life - unfettered by work! I have developed several interests over the last 8 months. Janet helped me see that retirement is not the end of life, but a new beginning: an opportunity to do things you have always fancied doing. I now see how restricting work can be, but we all have to work to live / build up enough pension to live without working later in life. My new plan is to study for a History degree, and maybe later do a PhD in History. [I am a person who thrives on deadlines. I also thrive with having ambitious goals] I would recommend Janet to anyone who is at a cross roads in life, and struggling with difficult decisions.

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Surviving infidelity

Janet is an amazing emotional wellness coach and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is facing work or personal challenges. When I contacted Janet I was in a low place after learning of my husband’s affairs.  Janet helped me deal with the pain partly by being someone I could confide in, and also by encouraging me to focus on myself and my own needs.  I started exercising more, socialising more, being more patient with the children and thinking about my career.  She also used spectrum therapy to help me identify particular triggers for emotional issues and ways to deal with them when they arise.  I had about 10-12 sessions with Janet over six months and honestly don’t know what would have happened without her support.  After a period of separation, I reconciled with my husband and we are healing (we also having marriage counselling).  In many ways the relationship is better now than it ever was.  I have a new sport, new job and hope for the future.  I meditate everyday and feel calmer and happier.  I also use many of the tools Janet shared to check in with how the kids are doing - making sure they have balanced lives too so they learn how to look after themselves now and in the future.  

Thank you Janet!

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From the moment I contacted Janet to discuss my needs she began to guide me through the process with utter clarity; what to expect, what she expected from me and most importantly the message that this was a process that we would do very much together. This approach instilled confidence that I would always be left in an emotionally ‘safe’ place.

Janet created a very open environment in which to work. Her intuitive skill at guiding the session ensured that no stones were left un-turned. Janet demonstrates a perfect mix of firmness and empathy. She allowed me, as the client, to reach my own conclusions with very little suggestion, but through signposting me through my own decision making.

On completion of my work with Janet, I feel that I have a great deal of clarity and that I can move on with my life without the emotional 'baggage' that I had collected over years of bereavement and loss. Most reassuringly, I know that Janet will be on hand via Skype, the telephone or face to face, if I feel that I need some support again in the future.

I have recommended her to a number of my friends and I shall continue to do so as I feel that her approach and skill are second to none.

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Anxiety & Relationship

Working with Janet has helped me view my life from an unbiased grounding. Both helping me accept myself and develop without the frustration I held before.

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Sue Creed

After spending a day with me using Spectrum Therapy I feel as if a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I feel calmer and more able to cope with my present situation. The whole atmosphere at home is more relaxed, she also spent time talking to my husband. I wish I could keep Janet in a cupboard and have the therapy on a regular basis. Feel like a new woman. Thank you so much. Would recommend Janet and the therapy to anyone in my situation.

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Weight Loss

Janet has helped me "get back on track" with weight loss. Having sessions with Janet I have been able to change and improve my approach to foods and my whole well being. Janet is a very friendly, caring and understanding person and I thank her for her help over the past few months.

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Freedom2 Change 1/2 day session
Freedom2 Change

Hi Janet, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me! I have no idea what has happened but since our session, I am a completely new person.

All the weight that I've been carrying around with me for the last 30 years has been lifted and I'm suddenly so sure of my capabilities. I've since written a book and have sold nearly 200 copies in 3 weeks! I honestly do not know how all this is possible but I am LOVING it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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Mrs N
Anxiety/Panic Attacks

I have suffered from bad panic attacks for nearly 14 yrs and hearing and seeing the success Janet has made to people's lives thought I needed to give it a go as no other treatment I have tried has worked. I attended several sessions and resolved a lot of issues I have carried around with me for a very long time. With Janet's help I have been able to deal with them and finally feel closure on the bad stuff from my past. I now have a much clearer view on life and a better chance of moving forward and doing the things I want to do. Janet is a very caring and understanding person who makes you feel very safe and relaxed during your sessions. A big thank you Janet for all your help.

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Dealing with grief through suicide
A loving sister

Having being affected recently by the suicide of my sister while pregnant with my first baby I was really keen to work through my grief in a safe and healthy way as I was worried about how the sudden emotional trauma would affect my pregnancy. Janet put me at ease straight away and I felt easily able to open up honestly to her about how I was feeling. I was struggling to process my emotions and mainly had anger towards my sister which Janet helped me to work through while keeping the safety of my baby in mind. Working with Janet enabled me to be honest about how I was feeling and understand it which made everything much easier to process. I am now in a place where I have found some peace and acceptance with the situation but the main thing for me is that the anger and guilt have gone so I am able to remember my sister without negativity. I am no longer worried about how this has affected my pregnancy as I believe Janet has enabled me to process everything in the most healthy way possible. She shows warmth, empathy and understanding and it is clear she has a wealth of experience dealing with bereavement. I would definitely recommend her to help anyone work through their loss.

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Since my father's death from cancer eight years ago and then my oldest daughter's psychotic depression a year later I found myself battling depression and anxiety. Things would settle for a while and then I would hit the bottom again. Medication was helping a bit but not enough. Christmas 2013 came and went as did my Grandson's 2nd birthday, I know that I was there but I felt absent from it all somehow. Work was becoming a daily struggle. I was having neck and shoulder problems caused by stress. A friend recommended I try an osteopath and while waiting for her one day I saw Janet's leaflets. It occurred to me that she might help me reduce the stress that was the underlying reason for the neck and shoulder pain.
Janet has done so much more. Although I was never able to visualise the colours I was able to access the feelings and this was not always easy and many times upsetting. Janet has helped me to understand things about myself and how 'I' tick. This has helped me to realise just how much I love Nursing and that I'm not ready yet to stop. She has also been able to teach me some skills to help with the anxiety that sometimes troubles me at work.
It's early days but Janet has also helped me to begin to improve my relationships with my husband and grown up children and also my work colleagues.
But over and above that she has helped me to come to terms with living with Epilepsy and to be aware of things that keep me safe but also not crippled by anxiety about my future.

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I recently did a half day change programme with Janet following a bereavement. Her therapy techiniques are very gentle and non-intrusive, the wonderful thing about the way Janet works is you don't need to go into context if you don't want to. Spending even just half a day working with Janet has helped me to move forward and begin to manage my grief day to day.

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Stress, Anxiety & Depression

After 4 years of being strong for close family members I buckled. I was introduced to Janet. I found her to be very easy to talk to, very understanding and very caring. She helped me a great deal. I would recommend her.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice Message
I would like to inform you that all sessions are now taking place online due to the impact of Covid-19. I can assure you that I have worked online for many years and have a lot of experience working this way. Whatever you are dealing with right now, I will be flexible and adaptable using a variety of methods to help you as we travel through this pandemic and beyond; building a brighter future. Your self care is more essential than ever right now and in these difficult times it is important to pay attention to your emotional wellbeing and mental health. If you would like to know more about working with me, I do offer a free 30 minute initial consultation and this will now take place through video conferencing such as Face Time, Skype, Whats app or Zoom. To find out more, send me a message and I look forward to chatting to you.